Design and Construction, Inc Design and Construction, Inc Notes Brick Paver Care Instructions: It is extremely important that your paver joints are full of sand at all times. This will ensure a stable paver and help eliminate dips. We recommend sweeping jointing sand into your paver joints at least 3 times per year (spring, summer, fall) How to replenish jointing sand: Step 1: Pour a small amount of sand onto your paver surface. Step 2: Sweep sand across all pavers so the sand falls into the joints. Step 3: Sweep off excess sand and place back into bag for future use. Tips: Make sure your pavers are dry when replenishing jointing sand. Sweeping sand over wet pavers is very difficult. Do not fill sand to the very top of your pavers-this will cause sand to be tracker into your home. 1/8 in. – 1/4 in below the paver top is sufficient. Steep slopes on driveways or side walks may require replenishing of sand more often. Cleaning your Pavers: Soap and water can remove most minor stains but if needed special cleaners can be purchased from Unilock. Avoid spraying water directly into paver joints, as this will remove the sand. Any time you wash out any sand we suggest replenishing sand in the paver joints after the pavers have dried. Sealing your Pavers: Sealing your Pavers will give them a matte finish similar to which they are wet- except without the shine. Sealers will slightly darken the paver color and usually have to be re-applied every 1 to 1 ½ yrs. Before sealing, your pavers must be cleaned since any stains on the pavers will be sealed in. You should wait 3 months after date of installation before applying sealers to let efflorescence fade away, (white streaks of salt that appear on the surface of the paver from the manufacturing process). Sealers can change the color of the pavers or make them slippery over years of re- application. If there are any questions regarding your paver patio, walkway, or steps after the 2 year warranty period has expired, we are always here to help and/or answer questions.