Design and Construction, Inc Design and Construction, Inc Landscaping with Plants    In a well-designed landscape, each plant has a planned effect. Whether star or supporting cast member, its color, texture and form-even the plant’s fragrance or fruit-play an important role in the garden scene. Trees, vines, and tall shrubs provide  shade, privacy, and protection from wind. Perennials brighten beds and borders. Ground covers carpet the soil. Annuals give nearly instant color.   And some of these plants attract wildlife, while others solve conditions of a problem site. The challenge of landscaping is to place plants where their best qualities shine and can play off one another. Silvery foliage, for example, blends strong color combinations and illuminates the garden in moonlight. Spiky, tall grasses add movement to the garden as they shiver or sway to the rhythm of a breeze. Our company will help to create the garden of your dreams.