Design and Construction, Inc Outdoor Lighting Why Landscape Lighting??? Safety-    Lighting your driveway and /or pathways to your door  will help avoid accidents when visibility is poor. Security-  Lighting your yard at night is a deterrent for unwanted  intruders.  Long Term Value-  You have a substantial investment in your home   and a professionally landscaped property will enhance your long   term investment. They say first impression is everything and the   first impression  of a well illuminated property can add up to 20%   to the value of your home. Beauty-   Nothing beautifies your home more than exterior lighting.   The purpose of low voltage lighting is to unify the relationship   between your house and the landscaping that surrounds it. Few   things will impact your home’s curb appeal more than a quality   lighting design. Why use a Contractor??? Design layout, voltage drop, maintenance contracts- this are all important factors that can make a big difference in your installation and life of your system.